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Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi for Business Internet January 28, 2020

New York, New York
Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi for Business Internet, New York, New York

Business internet comes in a range of forms, including wired and wireless connections. While Ethernet relies on cables, Wi-Fi uses radio waves to reach the devices in an office. If you’re designing the network structure of your company, here’s a rundown of the differences between these two options.


business InternetAn Ethernet system has a wired connection. It provides business internet through a server that’s attached to each individual work station in the office. This option is extremely reliable since it creates direct links. It also tends to be faster than Wi-FI, allowing workers to download larger files with no lag. Since the computers are physically connected to the server, there won’t be any dead spots in the office where the signal is weaker.

However, this reduces mobility in the office since people need to be plugged into the Ethernet cables to access the internet. It also requires expert installation. 


Business internet that runs on Wi-Fi functions via wireless servers. This gives employees the freedom to work wherever they like in your space. Wi-Fi routers and modems require fewer wires, which may help reduce wire clutter on work desks. This option also allows employees to use the internet on tablets and phones, which aren’t supported by Ethernet.

Since Wi-Fi relies on signals, wireless systems can be vulnerable to unpredictable forces like the weather. By standard, they’re publicly accessible, so you’ll need to use passwords and encryption to protect your network from external access.


Reliable business internet often combines Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. If you’re interested in exploring the network options for your company, Arena One in New York City will help. Assisting customers throughout the United States for more than a decade, they’ve offered a range of high-quality business internet options. Their managed services also ensure your speeds are fast and connection problems are fixed promptly. Call (212) 231-9600 to discuss your needs or visit their website to learn more about their managed internet services.

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