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3 Signs of Menopause January 30, 2020

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3 Signs of Menopause, Fairbanks, Alaska

Menopause is more of a process than a single event, impacting women for an average of four and a half years. During this time, women can live with a long list of uncomfortable symptoms. Here are a few signs menopause is near or may be starting and some health care tips to cope with the symptoms. 

3 Symptoms of Menopause

1. Mood Changes

23% of women go through significant mood swings before, during, and after menopause as a result of fluctuating hormone levels. Women may feel irritable, depressed, anxious, sad, or stressed, which can interfere with daily life. Having a stressful job, poor relationships with loved ones, or an unstable environment can increase your risk of mood changes. 

To quell these symptoms, doctors may recommend hormone therapy, meeting with a counselor, or making lifestyle changes, such as exercising regularly. 

2. Trouble Sleeping

Sleep problems are common in post-menopausal women, with 61% reporting insomnia. Issues that contribute to sleep difficulties include snoring, hot flashes, and obstructive sleep apnea. 

health careImplement positive sleep habits, such as going to bed earlier, avoiding screens around bedtime, not smoking, and dressing in lightweight clothing to improve comfort. You may also want to avoid spicy dishes or foods with soy, which may contribute to hot flashes. 

3. Irregular Menstrual Periods

During menopause, periods may become unpredictable. They might be closer together or further apart, or you may bleed more or less than normal.

Because menopause is the gradual cessation of your period, these changes are expected and shouldn’t raise cause for concern. However, if your periods are heavy or last more than a week, speak to your health care provider to screen for other potential problems, such as uterine cancer.


If you suspect that you have started menopause, reach out to Fairbanks Clinic, Inc. For over 88 years, they’ve helped women live healthier, fuller lives with comprehensive health care services. Whether you need an annual health exam, birth control, or infertility treatments, they’re here to assist. Book an appointment today by calling (907) 452-1761, or review their services online.