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3 Spring Sewing Projects to Start Today January 13, 2020

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Spring Sewing Projects to Start Today, Manhattan, New York

The long winter months provide the perfect opportunity to hone your creative skills in a rewarding way by sewing your own clothing. Best of all, once milder days arrive, you’ll be able to show off the creations you worked so hard on. As you prepare your list for the fabric store, here are some spring styles to inspire you.

Spring Sewing You Can Get a Head Start On

1. Raincoat

A raincoat is a versatile piece that can get you through any weather, be it the rainy days of spring or cool, overcast autumn. Vinyl fabrics make great raincoats, as they’ll keep moisture at bay and leave the layers beneath well-protected. Most fabric stores carry the material in a wide range of shades, so you can go bold with a bright color or stick to a neutral look. If you’re new to sewing vinyl, select heavy-duty or industrial thread and use a walking foot instead of a general-purpose foot on your machine.

2. Maxi Dress

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A maxi dress offers the perfect way to transition from cold weather to warmer temperatures, as it can be dressed down for errands or jazzed up for an evening out. The best part about creating your own is that you can set the right length for your height from the start. Aim to have it skim the floor or your ankle, depending on your preference.

ITY fabric is an excellent choice for maxis, as it has a soft feel and a twisted yarn for natural elasticity. Fabric stores also tend to carry ITY fabric in dozens of patterns suitable for maxi dresses, including florals and animal prints.

3. Bathing Suit

If you have a poolside getaway in your future, consider creating your own bathing suit this winter. Design a one- or two-piece that fits and flatters your shape to comfortably relax on spring break or family vacation without bunching or sagging fabric. You can’t go wrong with printed spandex, which will conform to your body and hold up well for water-based activities. Add liners for the panty line and bust, and use a pattern, rotary cutter, and pattern weights to cut the fabric. Once again, a walking foot will work better than a general-purpose foot for this material.


No matter what type of project you’re planning, find the fabrics you need at Spandex House. Based in Midtown Manhattan, this fabric store is the world’s largest spandex supplier and has more than 25 years of experience selling this and other materials, including vinyl, suede, ITY, and denim. Browse through their extensive inventory and place an order online, or call (212) 354-6711 to speak with a helpful associate about your next project.

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