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How a Clean Office Increases Productivity January 28, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
How a Clean Office Increases Productivity , Brooklyn, New York

When discussing ways to improve employee productivity, the conversation often turns to initiatives or programs focused on the employees themselves, such as flexible working arrangements or reducing the number of meetings. Although those can be effective, one of the best ways to boost productivity is also the simplest: keeping the office clean. Office cleaning has strong ties to productivity for several reasons. 

How a Dirty Office Affects Worker Productivity

If desks are cluttered with excess papers, food containers, and other materials, employees may have a tough time locating paperwork they need right away. For example, if an employee needs to gather documents before a meeting but their desk is stacked with documents, they may frantically attempt to locate the documents. This stress may linger throughout the day, causing them to decrease their productivity levels. 

office cleaningAdditionally, personal workspaces, including keyboards and phones, typically harbor more bacteria than a toilet, and shared spaces can be hotbeds of germs and viruses that get people sick and keep them out of work.

The Benefits of Office Cleaning 

Beyond keeping your employees focused and healthy, regular office cleaning significantly boosts productivity levels. Below are a few advantages of regularly cleaning your office:

  • Increased creativity: Clean and organized spaces make it easier to think clearly and solve problems without distractions. 
  • Less stress: Research shows that clutter increases stress and anxiety at work. Keeping the office organized and clean helps keep those emotions under control and support productivity. 
  • Happier employees: Fewer distractions, less wasted time, and less stress brought on by clutter all help employees feel happier at work, improving overall morale. Happy employees generally tend to get more done than those who are unhappy at work. 



Start the new year off by helping your employees boost their productivity by hiring the team at Right Cleaning. Whether you want regular service to keep your office sparkling clean or a one-time deep clean, they will leave your office clutter-free. These Brooklyn, NY-based experts are dedicated to using non-toxic cleaners, protecting their customers from harsh chemicals and allergens. Call (212) 655 7153 to book a cleaning appointment today. 

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