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Top 4 Roofing Problems You Might Experience In Winter January 9, 2020

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Top 4 Roofing Problems You Might Experience In Winter, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ice storms, heavy snow, and strong winds are just a few of the dangers that are thrown your way during the winter. Though your home will likely protect you against the elements, storms can leave you needing roof repairs. Here are a few of the most common repair issues that could affect your roofing during the winter.

What Are Common Winter Roofing Issues?

1. Wind & Limb Damage

Winter storms bring heavy precipitation and blustering winds. The wind can cause major damage to shingle roofs, especially if they’re already weakened and loose. Shingles may peel back or come completely off in a storm. Limbs are also more likely to fall on your roof, as they can break under the weight of ice and snow.

2. Ice Dams

roofingIce dams are piles of ice and snow that form against the edge of a roof. They happen when winter precipitation begins to melt and run down the roof, then refreezes at the edge. Ice dams contribute to water damage and leaks because they tend to melt and refreeze cyclically, allowing moisture to permeate the material underneath. Clogged gutters and warped shingles contribute to the formation of ice dams, so keep your roof in good condition by repairing loose or warping shingles and keeping your gutter system free of debris.

3. Roof Collapses

Winter precipitation puts a good deal of weight on your roof. If there’s any structural damage or weak spots in your roof system, it may not be able to hold the weight for long. Substantial snowfall or ice buildup on your roof increases the risk for a partial or full collapse.

4. Leaks

In winter, moisture gets into cracks, around hardware, and under flashing on your roof, then freezes and expands, widening the space. It then melts and seeps deeper into the opening, then refreezes and expands again. This process deepens existing cracks and gaps, loosens hardware, and allows water to get deep into the roof system, resulting in leaks and water damage.


Have your roofing system inspected by professionals before the next snow to prevent these problems. At Cincinnati Roofing in Hamilton County, OH, you’ll receive a thorough inspection and skilled roof repairs from a team with over 100 years’ combined experience. Family-owned and -operated, they’re 5th generation roofers that do the work themselves -- no subcontractors. They’re an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and offer competitive financing through Service Finance Company. Learn more about what they’ll do for your roof online, and call (513) 484-5363 to schedule a service.

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