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How Do Generators Work? January 10, 2020

Gateway, Dayton
How Do Generators Work?, Dayton, Ohio

When a blizzard or thunderstorm knocks out your power, having a generator ensures that your home will have a supply of electricity to keep vital appliances and electronics running. Ranging in size from small units that power a few devices to systems that can serve as a home’s primary power source, these machines are quite impressive. Here’s a closer look at how they get the job done.

Key Generator Components

Several components must work together to provide electricity to a home. Unsurprisingly, everything starts with the engine, which produces the energy needed for operation. The more powerful the engine, the more electricity a generator will produce. An alternator converts the mechanical energy generated by the engine into electrical power. 

generatorsIn addition to an engine and alternator, generators have a fuel system and a voltage regulator to control fuel consumption and voltage production, respectively. Cooling and exhaust systems keep a generator from overheating, and a lubrication system keeps small moving parts working correctly. A control panel displays, monitors, and manages unit operations, and the main assembly frame houses and protects internal components.

How to Purchase a Backup Generator

Start your search based on power output. Know how much wattage you need to start and run appliances and outlets, and choose a generator that will provide matching power. You may also wish to consider fuel type. Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than gas-powered ones, but gas tends to be more economical. A larger fuel tank will also allow you to power your home for longer periods before refueling.


Whether you’re interested in a new generator or need help with an electrical wiring installation, count on Bonham Electric, Inc. Serving the Dayton, OH, area since 1959, this licensed electrical contractor uses factory-certified professionals and is available for 24/7 emergency repairs. To learn more about their generator products and services, visit them online, or call (937) 233-7662 to request a free estimate.

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