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5 Tips For The Newly Divorced, From an Experienced Divorce Attorney October 19, 2015

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5 Tips For The Newly Divorced, From an Experienced Divorce Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska

After 34 years of helping couples dissolve their marriages, the Law Office of Susan H. Carse in Anchorage knows how difficult this experience can be, both legally and emotionally. Your divorce attorney will help you navigate the complexities of the law, but that's only half the battle. To help you get through this traumatic time, Ms. Carse has some tips for the newly divorced.

Based on her experience, and those of her clients, she recommends:

  • Taking The High Road: As difficult as it can be, reining in your emotions and acting for the best interest of your family will not only make your divorce simpler, you'll feel good about yourself later.
  • Holding Your Tongue: Tempting though it may be, never disparage your ex in front of your children. Watching their parents bicker will only traumatize them further, and won't make you feel any better.
  • Self-Care: It's easy for a newly divorced parent to spend all their energy on their children, but remember to take care of yourself, too. Neglecting your own needs will exacerbate feelings of depression of loss.
  • Mourning Properly: Process your feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal over the loss of your marriage, and learn to let them go.
  • Listening To Your Lawyer: When your emotions start running away with you, your lawyer will help you stay focused on your goals, leading to good decisions that will make your life after divorce less stressful.

If you're going through a divorce, don't go it alone. Visit the Law Office of Susan H. Carse online to see her full list of legal services, or call (907) 222-3705 to schedule a consultation.

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