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3 Ways to Protect Your Chimney From Water Damage January 10, 2020

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3 Ways to Protect Your Chimney From Water Damage, Kernersville, North Carolina

If you love the glow of a warm fire on a cold winter’s day, you should remember that water is your chimney’s worst enemy. Water can seep into your chimney and freeze, causing structural issues that could threaten your home, especially if your chimney is brick and mortar. Here are three ways to prevent water damage in a chimney and help avoid chimney problems in the long run. 

How Can You Protect Your Chimney From the Elements?

1. Install a Chimney Cap

Chimney caps help keep out rain and snow, preventing chimney problems stemming from water damage. You can purchase chimney caps designed to match the color of your siding or varieties made from metals like copper that create an accent piece on your home’s exterior. Some chimney caps are also designed with protective grates to keep out wildlife like rodents and birds. 

2. Have Flashing Inspected

chimney problemFlashing refers to the bent metal pieces that create a flush joint where the chimney meets the roof. Flashing is necessary around structures like chimneys, skylights, and vents since they create a break in the solid sheet of protective roofing. To prevent water damage from impacting your chimney, have the flashing inspected and replaced as soon as it exhibits signs of trouble, such as corrosion or bent areas. 

3. Trim Landscaping

If you have mature trees on your property or vines that have grown onto your home, you could be subjecting your chimney to water damage. Trees allow water to drip onto your home and down your chimney, where it can pool and deteriorate the bricks. Vines like ivy can hold moisture against your home, creating chimney problems such as damaged flashing or a cracked chimney crown. Always keep landscaping trimmed and never allow plants to grow onto or over your home.  


If you suspect that you have chimney problems, contact the experts at The Chimney Sweep in Kernersville, NC. From inspections and repairs to relining and sweeping, these trusted professionals are committed to helping their clients with any and all chimney maintenance. To find out more about what they can do for you, visit their website or give their office a call at (336) 993-8999.

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