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4 Insider Secrets From Locksmiths January 28, 2020

New Haven, New Haven County
4 Insider Secrets From Locksmiths, New Haven, Connecticut

Whether you experience a break-in or get locked out of your vehicle, you’ll likely need assistance from a professional locksmith. However, when you know some of the tricks of the trade, you’ll have the ability to prevent a variety of common issues. Here are a handful of insider secrets.

A Guide to Locksmith Insider Secrets

1. Rekey Locks on New Vehicles & Properties

Rekey the locks after ownership changes, as the old master keys can still open them. Since rekeying involves replacing the pins rather than changing the entire lock, it is more affordable and allows you to keep the original hardware. However, consider replacing the locks altogether if they show signs of wear and tear and physical damage. 

2. Pay Attention to Grades

locksmithThe American National Standards Institute® created a grading system for locks. The strongest are number one locks, which are ideal for keeping commercial properties secure. For homes, choose products that are at least a number two grade, as they’re strong enough to offer protection against intrusions and theft. 

3. Try the Door First 

Believe it or not, locksmiths often arrive at the scene only to discover that the door is already unlocked. Try the door several times before you call a professional. Use extra strength when turning, pulling, or pushing, but avoid using so much force that you damage the lock. 

4. Double-Check Lock Installations 

Deadbolts make doors more secure because they cannot disengage without the turning of a key. However, building contractors don’t always install deadbolts correctly. If you notice that the bolt doesn’t completely extend into the frame upon locking, hire a locksmith to reinstall it.


When you need a locksmith, contact Cohen's Key Shop. For over 130 years, they have provided door lock repairs, rekeying, and lockout services to New Haven County, CT. They are experts at what they do and are prepared to handle any job. Call (203) 397-3528 to make an appointment, and visit the website to learn more about their residential and commercial services. 

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