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Treatment & Prevention of Running-Related Foot Injuries January 9, 2020

Kenwood, Sycamore
Treatment & Prevention of Running-Related Foot Injuries, Sycamore, Ohio

Running is excellent for your cardiovascular and brain health, but unfortunately, it can be hard on your feet. Many runners experience a variety of foot problems and sidelining injuries at some point in their careers. By knowing about common foot problems and how to prevent them, you can keep running comfortably. 

Common Foot Injuries

The most common foot injuries in runners include tendonitis, strains, fractures, and stress injuries. Tendonitis, including plantar fasciitis, is inflammation of the tendons—the connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones. It causes swelling and persistent pain.

Strains and stress fractures may occur when runners overuse bones or muscles. A runner’s discomfort from strains or stress injuries may be either minor or severe and may make it impossible to run. 


foot problemsRunners can prevent injuries by wearing well-fitting shoes and running on stable, level surfaces. To prevent sprains and fractures, they should cross-train to strengthen the bones and muscles in their legs and feet. Runners should also stop any activity that produces pain, and make regular appointments with a podiatrist to address their foot problems. 


Fortunately, all foot problems stemming from running injuries are treatable. If you have an overuse injury, your doctor may recommend resting your feet to give them time to heal. Some cases may require surgical intervention to repair a damaged tendon or bone. Infections that result from damp feet or blisters can be treated with sterile bandages and antibacterial ointments. Antibiotics may be prescribed to help some infections heal.


If you love to run but have been struggling with foot problems, contact the team at Choice Podiatry Associates in Cincinnati, OH. With a focus on targeted, comprehensive foot care, these trusted professionals help clients with a variety of conditions, including athlete’s foot, bunions, diabetic foot health, and heel pain. To find out more about how they’ll treat your foot injuries, visit their website. To schedule an appointment, call them at one of their three convenient locations—in Kenwood (513-984-1911), Bridgetown (513-574-2424), or Reading (513-563-2225).

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