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What is on Your Wishlist for 2020? | A Blog by Michelle Hespeler December 31, 2019

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What is on Your Wishlist for 2020? |  A Blog by Michelle Hespeler, Marlborough, Connecticut

The roaring ’20s are about to begin, can you believe it?  It was just Y2K!  How time does fly is not a cliché; it is a fact.  Our lives are precious, and we must be grateful for today and be present in the day — another cliché.  I become even more reflective than I already am when the New Year approaches. 


I will share with you my wish for this year. It is nothing earth-shattering, but it is a deep-felt wish that has evolved out of personal frustration.  Recently, I have had several people around me, stricken with misfortune.  Life is so precious, and we so easily take it for granted.  I think about being grateful and living in the moment, but then I get caught up in my busy life again and forget those thankful thoughts.  My resolutions this year, I hope, will force me to stay focused on my wish more often and live a fulfilled life each and every day.


 I will share with you my wish.   I wish that the world of medicine and technology will come up with a cure for Parkinson’s, ALS, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and all other diseases.  Not too big of a wish, right?  I will continue to work hard to make this wish come true and will dedicate myself to this cause.  My husband, Karl, and I will continue to research, gather volunteers, create committees, fundraise, make presentations, manage Beat PD, lead the PD Center, and whatever else comes our way to find cures for PD and other diseases.  We will not stop until our wish comes true, mark my words.  A Cure is right around the corner.  I Believe.


Please join Karl and me in making this wish come true.  I am almost sure many of you have the same wish.  We would welcome your skills, effort, time, and energy in our quest to find the cure.  We need help in a variety of ways, so I am positive that we can find a small task or a large task for you.  Ask your friends, family, or someone you work with to join you in helping.  Often, the people around you want to help, and they don’t know-how.  Just ask, and you may be surprised at their willingness to help. 


I wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!  May our wishes and dreams come true, or at least may we see some strides in the right direction.

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