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3 Signs You Need a Hearing Test January 28, 2020

3 Signs You Need a Hearing Test, Groton, Connecticut

Hearing loss affects approximately 48 million Americans, particularly as they age. However, minor levels of hearing loss can be difficult to detect, even as they impact daily activities. If you think it may be time to schedule a hearing test, be on the lookout for the following signs.

How to Tell It’s Time for a Hearing Test

1. Asking Others to Repeat Themselves

If you're experiencing hearing loss, you may often find yourself asking others to repeat what they said. You might also misinterpret words often, resulting in improper responses during conversations. Finally, it may sound like people are mumbling while they speak, especially on the phone.

2. Ringing in Your Ears

hearing testA ringing in your ears that doesn't go away, known as tinnitus, is a condition that's commonly associated with hearing loss. This constant ringing can be very bothersome, making it hard to focus on daily activities. Tinnitus is most often the result of ear infections, head injuries, or the exposure to loud noises, such as music or construction equipment.

3. Trouble With Background Noise

As hearing troubles progress, you may have an increasingly difficult time participating in conversations when background noise is present. A noisy environment could cause you to have to strain to hear, and you may also have greater difficulty following what's going on when multiple people are speaking at once. Alternatively, you might begin missing out on smaller background sounds, including tweeting birds or phone notifications.


If it’s time for you to schedule a hearing test, contact County Hearing And Balance. With six locations serving Southeastern and Shoreline, CT, for over 40 years, their licensed audiologists offer personalized treatment plans and discreet hearing devices to bring sound back to your life. To learn more about how they can help you, visit them online. To schedule a consultation, call (203) 245-1950.

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