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4 Ways to Speed Up Your iPhone® January 17, 2020

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4 Ways to Speed Up Your iPhone®, Canton, Ohio

People all over the world love Apple® products because they’re innovative and efficient; in particular, the iPhone® is the company’s best selling product. Still, many users don’t know how to maximize their smartphone experience. Below is a guide to speeding up your phone.

A Guide to Speeding Up the iPhone

1. Update the Operating System (iOS)

Downloading the latest updates will make your phone faster and more secure. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Software update. However, if you have an older iPhone, an update can slow the device down. Models that are two or three releases back might not be able to cope with the newest iOS. In this case, investing in a newer model is the best way to get more speed. 

2. Use Low Data Mode

apple productsiPhone operating systems from iOS 13 and onward allow you to select the Low Data Mode function. This temporarily reduces network activity to save data, which leaves more power for the other operations. Automatic updates and downloads will be paused, and functions such as Background App Refresh will turn off. This will free up your data as long as you keep Low Data Mode switched on. 

3. Remove Clutter

Unnecessary files on your iPhone could be using up data. To remove clutter, delete music files, photos, apps, and videos that you no longer want. Clearing the cookies and data on Safari® is another option, which you can do by selecting Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Keep in mind this might delete saved passwords and frequently used web addresses. Cache cleaner apps and device cleaning software also remove clutter but talk to an iPhone specialist to ensure you choose a reliable option.

4. Stop Apps From Running in the Background

A lot of apps and processes might be running on your phone and slowing it down even though you’re not using them. The best way to shut down background applications quickly is to restart your iPhone. Once the phone has turned back on, you can choose which apps you want to open. Waiting until your battery runs out will also shut down your phone and stop any applications that are running in the background.


If you need expert help to speed up your iPhone or repair any of your Apple products, contact Experimax Canton. Serving Akron, OH, this community-based shop serves individuals and businesses, offering premium refurbished products at affordable prices. Repairs, sales, and upgrades come with a limited warranty. To repair or trade Apple products, call (330) 409-7005 or visit their website.

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