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4 Common Questions About the SCRAM® Device January 31, 2020

Cleveland, Bradley
4 Common Questions About the SCRAM® Device, Cleveland, Tennessee

If your law agency is looking for a new alcohol monitoring system, the SCRAM® device offers reliable, continuous performance that makes it a popular choice. You should understand several key facts about the alcohol bracelet in order to understand how it works and prevent unintentional violations. Here are the answers to some common questions.


What happens if it detects a violation?

Tampering with the bracelet or consuming alcohol will count as a violation. The bracelet tests for alcohol every half-hour, and it will detect removal, damage, or other signs of user interference. When alcohol use or tampering occurs, the device will alert the supervising agency to the violation and offer GPS coordinates and directions to the offender.

How are the data and GPS location transmitted?

For convenience and high accuracy tracking, the SCRAM bracelet will operate off of several methods of connectivity to transmit location and data. It can connect to a landline, mobile data networks, Ethernet cable, or Wi-Fi connection to allow for indoor and outdoor contact. 

Can clients dress normally and exercise?

SCRAM deviceClients can wear whatever they choose as long as it fits over the bracelet. It has to stay in contact with skin to be effective, so pulling socks or pants between the bracelet and their leg will count as tampering.

Clients should be able to exercise but should take care not to damage the device, as it’s their responsibility if it breaks and could lead to a violation. Vigorous movement should not set off the tampering alarm unless the device becomes damaged.

What products contain alcohol that should be avoided?

Certain beauty and skin care products contain alcohol, which can trigger the device and count as an attempt to tamper with it. Products to avoid can include hair dye, lotions, perfume, and spray tan. Clients may be able to use some products, like perfumes and lotions, on areas far from their bracelet as long as they make absolutely no contact with the device.


Trust a communicative and dependable association to provide the SCRAM device and handle monitoring services. Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring in Cleveland, TN, offers the SCRAM alcohol monitoring system to help improve compliance with judicial decrees and boost the chance of successful sobriety. Their courteous teams will help you find the ideal device suited for your needs, and they offer competitive rates and payment options. Learn more about the SCRAM alcohol monitor online and call (855) 472-7269 to get started.

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