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Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-Part 7 June 5, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-Part 7, Manhattan, New York

imageHi again runners.. I hope you enjoyed National Running Day.

Strategy #7 on How to Avoid Injuries Is:

Know Your Limits

Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run, said, “talk to a runner, I guarantee that within 30 seconds the conversation will turn to injury.” With all of running’s great physiological benefits; stronger bones, stronger muscles, and improved cardiovascular health--it’s important not to overlook the negative impact running can have on your body. With each step we take, your body is subject to the shock of impact of three times your body weight. This can take it’s toll on someone who is not ‘born to run’ and may aggravate trouble spots or weak links and lead to injury. This is where many runners are their own worst enemy. Most common running injuries are due to a combination of physical asymmetries coupled with overuse. Physical asymmetries + Overuse = Injuries (always).. 

So one of the best ways to reduce your injury risk potential is to limit how much stress you place on your body by only running one race event in any given week. Yet, there are organized events that encourage runners to run multiple races within the same weekend, putting their bodies at greater risk of injury, just to earn a different medal or special T-shirt. 


Every runner has an injury threshold, the point at which any additional stress on the system, whether it’s in volume (miles run) or intensity (speed work or races) will get you injured. If you're spending time on the Alter-G treadmill you've certainly surpassed your threshold!!

There probably aren’t any Tarahumara Indians reading this. Just a lot of regular runners like me and you. Unfortunately we all are not as injury resistant as the great Dean Karnazes! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good race as much as any runner and run about 20 every year, but running multiple events in the same day or same weekend or going from marathon to half marathon with a few weeks of each-other isn’t just Goofy, it’s stupid


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