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3 Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom February 7, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
3 Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom, Greenburgh, New York

If you're like many homeowners, your bathroom likely has just enough space for the basics. However, when you dream of having a spacious bath, double sinks, and enough cabinets for dozens of towels, this can make remodeling a challenge. To design a bathroom that gives off the illusion of more space, use the following clever design tricks.

How to Create More Space in a Small Bathroom

1. Use Pocket Doors

Pocket doors allow the door to slide in and out of the wall, rather than opening into the room. This design feature is a common space-saving trick, as it lets you use the wall space that would be lost when the door opens into the bathroom. When it retracts into the wall instead, you'll create square footage that can accommodate a storage cabinet or shelving.

2. Choose a Modern Medicine Cabinet

cabinetsAlthough many newer bathrooms replace old-fashioned medicine cabinets with drawers and other storage options, this feature is a must in a small bathroom. After all, when you have a tiny vanity and limited counter space, a medicine cabinet will ensure adequate storage. Newer models are more attractive and can be mounted flush within the drywall to save space and create a sleek look.

3. Install a Walk-In Shower

Although a shower and tub combination is convenient, it also takes up a lot of room. Replacing it with a walk-in shower stall frees up space and helps the area feel larger, as this is a less bulky option. Keep in mind that building codes may require at least one tub in the home, so this might not be possible if this bathroom is your only one. However, for a second bath, a walk-in shower with glass doors will make the room seem airier.


If your bathroom needs an upgrade, the professionals at Today's Kitchens in Hartsdale, NY, can help design and build the bathroom of your dreams. These experienced professionals have more than 30 years of experience providing personalized design services and cabinets for homeowners in Westchester County and Fairfield County, CT. They’ll help you with every step of the process, from exploring ideas and coming up with a design to choosing materials and installation. Learn more about their bathroom designs online, and schedule a consultation by calling (203) 536-1222.

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