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3 Advantages of Hard Chrome Plating Firearm Barrels January 6, 2020

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3 Advantages of Hard Chrome Plating Firearm Barrels, Woodlawn, Ohio

Firearms generate an incredible amount of heat, which quickly degrades even the most durable steel components. In addition to normal wear, both artillery and gun barrels are vulnerable to corrosion and a variety of other factors that can cause premature failure or even dangerous misfires. Hard chrome plating protects the most delicate part of the weapon, cutting costs and increasing its useful life.

The Benefits of Chrome Plating for Gun Barrels

1. Protecting Against Corrosion

Gunpowder is extremely corrosive, which can cause weapons to jam if the barrel is significantly degraded, especially in humid or salty air. Hard chrome plating maximizes the corrosion resistance of the barrel, making the weapon safer and more reliable in even the harshest conditions.

2. Extending the Life of the Barrel

hard chrome platingBarrel erosion is a serious problem in military hardware, which has higher-velocity rounds that create massive amounts of heat and friction. Hard chrome plating dramatically reduces the impact of these forces, extending the weapon’s useful life and preserving its accuracy.

3. Reducing Maintenance

Hard chrome plating creates a smoother surface, which attracts less dirt and debris. Many gun owners find that this treatment makes their weapons easier to clean, reducing both the time and expense of keeping them in good working order. This is especially important for military artillery units who may be tasked with the maintenance of dozens or even hundreds of large-bore weapons.


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