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How to Sew an Elastic Waist on a Dress January 6, 2020

Garment District, Manhattan
How to Sew an Elastic Waist on a Dress, Manhattan, New York

While you’re waiting for the weather to warm up, you can start working on your spring wardrobe today. To update your maxi dresses and make them even more flattering and comfortable, sew in elastic waists with flexible ITY made of spandex. Learn more about which materials are the easiest to work with, and how you can achieve a clean and finished look, below.

What Is ITY Fabric?

ITY stands for interlock twist yarn, which is a method of putting a twist in yarn cloth to provide a more natural elasticity and softer feel. ITY knits can be made of several materials, ranging from rayon and spandex to polyester and lycra.

spandexDue to the way the yarn is twisted, you get a more natural give in this fabric than other stretchy materials, which offers a more comfortable wear and aesthetically pleasing look. The fabric is also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

How Do You Sew an Elastic Waist on a Dress?

When sewing an elastic waist, opt for an exposed seam to give your piece a cleaner look. To begin, join the bodice and skirt with a one-quarter inch seam allowance, and attach the elastic strip using a zig-zag stitch. This stitch should be positioned to allow one point of the zig-zag to overedge the elastic, while the other point enters the elastic and the seam at the same time. Completing the zig-zag stitch with this spacing prevents the edge of the elastic band from irritating your skin.


If you’re planning your next sewing project, visit Spandex House, Inc. in Midtown Manhattan. With more than 25 years of experience, this store offers all the materials and patterns you need to create a stunning piece, from ITY knits to spandex and rayon. To learn more about the products they offer, visit them online or call (212) 354-6711.