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3 Tips to Protect Hair This Winter January 7, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Tips to Protect Hair This Winter, Manhattan, New York

Exposure to the cold, dry air and wind in winter can leave hair dehydrated, fragile, and frizzy. Using organic hair products and taking a few additional steps will keep locks healthy and glossy throughout the season. Follow the advice outlined below to help your locks thrive. 

3 Winter Hair Care Tips

1. Wear a Hat or Scarf Outside

Whether you take a long walk around the neighborhood or travel a few steps from the front door to the car, always put on a hat, headwrap, or scarf before stepping outside. Not only will it keep your head warm, but it will also lock in moisture and protect your strands from the cold. Look for options with silk or satin lining to avoid frizz.  

2. Use Essential Oils

New-York-New-York-organic-hair-productsIf you have a sensitive scalp, the chemicals in some products could leave skin itchy and irritated. Dry heat indoors and cold air outdoors can exacerbate the problem. To avoid this, try organic hair products. Many contain essential oils that will safely keep your hair soft and supple. Try almond oil to keep your dry scalp moisturized. If your scalp is itching, too, use chamomile oil to soothe it. Jojoba oil contains properties that will keep your mane hydrated. 

3. Deep-Condition 

The glands on your scalp produce sebum. The oil slides down the shaft to keep hair moisturized. Shampoo strips hair of grime as well as its natural oils, the first line of defense against dry air.

During winter, cut down on the frequency of shampooing and increase how often you deep-condition. Your exact schedule will depend on your hair type, but for most individuals, you won’t need to do a full wash more than two or three times a week.  A thick deep conditioner will help replenish moisture levels.


To keep your hair healthy and stylish this winter as well as the rest of the year, visit Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York City. The staff at this Chelsea-based hair salon will provide color treatments, cuts, and restorative solutions to help your mane look its best. The salon also carries an exclusive line of organic hair products to care for locks between professional styling. Call (212) 255-9355 to book an appointment, shop the organic hair products online, and see pictures of clients’ new hairdos on Instagram

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