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3 Reasons to Invest in Power Washing for Your Restaurant January 16, 2020

Pearl City, Ewa
3 Reasons to Invest in Power Washing for Your Restaurant, Ewa, Hawaii

When you own a restaurant, the outside of your establishment should reflect the same care and cleanliness as the kitchen and dining areas. Routine power washing is an ideal way to combat grime buildup that can diminish the appearance of your restaurant. Below, explore a few other reasons to invest in this service.

How Can Power Washing Help Your Restaurant?

1. Maintain Parking Lot Safety 

With a steady flow of traffic through the parking lot, the pavement can become covered in oil and additional debris. The stains left behind can diminish the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant exterior. Over time, chemical residue can even corrode the asphalt, making it easier for people to trip on the crumbling surface. Power washing is a key step in parking lot maintenance, as routinely cleaning the pavement helps preserve its structural integrity and visual appeal. 

2. Keep Pests Away

power washingAlthough employees carefully dispose of trash, bags often leak in dumpsters. Oily residue in the containers attracts insects and rodents. Once they’re in the garbage, it’s only a short journey for these pests to find their way inside the restaurant. Power washing the dumpsters and the surrounding area removes food and beverage waste and the lingering odors that attract unwanted critters. This reduces the risk of infestations inside your business.

3. Attract More Customers

If your restaurant exterior is covered in mildew, water stains, dirt, or additional gunk, it creates the wrong first impression. When you don’t put effort into maintaining the outside of the establishment, people may question how much effort is put into keeping the kitchen clean. They could end up eating somewhere else as a result. Power washing the exterior demonstrates your commitment to running a spotless restaurant.   


To make power washing part of your restaurant cleaning routine, contact Cornerstone Pressure Washing. Based in Waialua, HI, and serving business owners throughout Oahu since 2001, their expert technicians use commercial-grade equipment to give your establishment a thorough deep-cleaning. To schedule cleaning services, call (808) 722-6306. Learn more about this commercial power washing company online.

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