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2020 Employment Outlook for Truck Drivers January 24, 2020

Sharon, Medina
2020 Employment Outlook for Truck Drivers, Sharon, Ohio

If you’re looking for an exciting career change in the New Year, consider learning more about the trucking industry. Becoming a truck driver can offer a stable income in addition to continued job growth and employment availability. Here’s a closer look at the adventure and security of truck driving in 2020 and beyond.

What Does the Future Look Like?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking industry will continue to expand job availability in 2020, with more than 100,000 new positions being expected between 2018-2028. This 5% rise in employment opportunities allows individuals to earn a steady income in a field that will constantly be evolving.

truck driverThis regular increase is partially credited to the 2011 safety restrictions by the FMCSA put in place to regulate the number of hours a truck driver can spend on the road, creating a demand for more drivers. In fact, as of 2018, 14 states across the U.S. employed at least 200,000 truck drivers, with Ohio averaging more than 400,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Does the Job Entail?

A truck driver is responsible for transferring products from one location to another. This may require long, out-of-state travel or could be primarily centered in one state with numerous stops being made at different locations.

During a haul, the driver must ensure the goods they’re transporting remain in their original condition and make it safely to the next destination. In addition to transporting goods, the driver is also expected to maintain and monitor their vehicle. This means examining the different parts and reporting any kind of serious mechanical issues to the proper supervisors.

Drivers are required to follow all traffic laws in addition to some specialized ones designed only for semi-trucks. While a dispatcher often provides the route they’ll be traveling, the driver is responsible for allotting the right amount of time for rest periods in accordance with industry regulations.


If you’re ready to take advantage of the expanding market for truck drivers, get all the skills you need to excel in this profession at Hamrick School in Medina, OH. The school boasts more than 10,000 graduates and 30 years of experience, making them one of the most trusted educational systems in the trucking industry. To learn more about how you can make a career change, visit them online or call (330) 239-2229.

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