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3 Benefits of Heating Oil for Your Home January 13, 2020

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3 Benefits of Heating Oil for Your Home, Ledyard, Connecticut

If you’re looking at options for a new home, consider choosing one powered by heating oil. While there are many different ways to heat your home, heating oil is notable for its reliability and effectiveness as a heating fuel. Here are four of the most notable benefits of choosing heating oil.

Why Should You Choose Heating Oil?

1. Effective Heating

In addition to boasting efficiency ratings as high as 95%, heating oil systems also provide you with more heat than other fuel options. A gallon of oil has 125,000 BTU (British thermal units) of energy, compared to 84,250 BTU per gallon for propane or 20,160 BTU per pound of natural gas. For you, the effectiveness of heating oil means more warmth, less wear on your heating unit, and even lower energy bills. 

2. Convenience & Control

heating oilCompared to other common options like natural gas, heating oil provides you with more control over your home’s heating. You decide how much heating oil your home uses and when you use it. By stocking up on fuel through a reliable heating oil delivery service, you’ll also ensure that your home stays consistently heated — there’s no need to worry about fuel outages.

This heating fuel is also available through a number of flexible purchasing options. Since residences of different sizes have different heating needs, you can choose a plan that fits your lifestyle. Consider scheduling regular deliveries so you never have to worry about running low or paying for more than you need.

3. Home Safety

Unlike other heating fuels, heating oil will visibly inform you of any leaks, letting you identify and treat the issue as soon as possible. Heating oil is also non-explosive; it won’t even ignite until heated to 140 degrees. It’s free of carcinogens as well.



If you’re thinking about moving into a home with heating oil, get in touch with Andersen Oil Company in Ledyard, CT. These professionals service heating units and offering heating oil delivery services for homes and businesses. They also offer emergency service 24 hours a day. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (860) 464-7628.     

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