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4 Tips for Practicing Women’s Self-Defense January 28, 2020

Scarsdale, Westchester
4 Tips for Practicing Women’s Self-Defense, Scarsdale, New York

Whether you’ve experienced an unsafe situation or want to feel empowered, learning a few women’s self-defense techniques can help. You’ll be able to strategically handle unpredictable and dangerous situations and boost your confidence. Here are four moves that women of all ages can practice.

How to Practice Self-Defense for Women

1. Disable Someone Behind You

If someone attempts to grab hold of you from behind, it’s crucial to immobilize them swiftly. You can do that by bending forward at your waist, which transfers your weight and makes it tough for the person to lift your body. From that angle, rotate your body toward the assailant and use your elbow to administer a blow and catch them off guard. You can use this opportunity to loosen yourself from their grasp completely and disable them with a forward-facing women’s self-defense maneuver.

2. Perform a Firm Kick

Scarsdale, NY women's self-defenseWhen someone comes toward you head-on, a groin kick is an effective tactic that can quickly disrupt the assault. Make sure that you’re as stable as possible, then lift the dominant leg and push your knee up toward the person. Follow through by extending the leg fully, pulling your hips forward while leaning back so that you can put as much force as possible into kicking the assailant in the groin. If they’re standing close to you, you can push your knee to the groin instead. If you’re an elderly woman with limited mobility, you can use a cane instead.

3. Attack Eyes & Feet

Elderly individuals may not be able to perform such aggressive maneuvers with ease. One tactic that can be effective is jabbing at the eyes repeatedly with the fingers. Continue to do this until the assailant is disabled. If your arms are held back, use as much force as you can muster to stomp on the person’s foot. Ideally, this will disengage the person enough so that you can then either escape from the situation or jab at their eyes repeatedly to further debilitate their efforts.

4. Use Your Elbow Power

One of the strongest women’s self-defense maneuvers involves using your elbows if the person is facing you. Try to stabilize your body as best as you can. This way, you won’t be caught off balance and can throw the greatest amount of weight possible toward your target. Keep your arm bent, push yourself forward as if you were about to punch, and use your elbow to strike the person in the jaw, neck, or head. This may weaken them enough for you to escape.


Learning proper women’s self-defense techniques is vital to your safety. You can take measures to protect yourself at 914 Training Center in Scarsdale, NY. Specializing in martial arts and self-defense training, these professionals can teach you the fine art of Krav Maga to improve your defense skills. They also offer Muay Thai and kickboxing. Visit them online for more information, or call them at (914) 437-5353 to speak with a staff member.

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