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A Guide to HVAC Humidifiers February 17, 2020

Yorktown Heights, Westchester
A Guide to HVAC Humidifiers, Yorktown Heights, New York

Controlling the moisture inside your house helps to make it more energy-efficient and comfortable year-round. While a standard HVAC system ventilates indoor air, it doesn’t do much to control the relative humidity, which is the ratio of water vapor in the air at a given temperature. To curb this, you’ll need to add a humidifier to your system. Below, learn the benefits of implementing this into your system. 

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Humidifier to Your HVAC System?

Most homes should have a relative humidity between 30 and 50 percent. If it drops below this percentage, especially in the winter, the air tends to get drier. As a result, you can develop dry lips, scaly skin, a sore throat, breathing and respiratory issues, asthma attacks, nosebleeds, and sinusitis. Adding a humidifier helps to relieve these symptoms and has even been shown to help decrease the risk of more severe illnesses like influenza.

A humidifier also protects your wood flooring and furnishings by keeping them from drying out, cracking, or warping. It also helps to decrease the workload of your HVAC system in winter. For instance, if you had two separate rooms set to 70 degrees but with different humidity levels, the one with the higher relative humidity would feel warmer.

What Are the Different Types of Home Humidifiers?

HVACThere are three basic whole-house humidifiers that are commonly added to HVAC systems. A bypass system is installed in the furnace bypassing ductwork. When the furnace turns on, the warm air is distributed through a water panel before exiting to the home. 

A fan-powered model uses its own fan to force air across the water panel. This enables them to provide much more humidity each day. They can also be installed in very small places, making them great for closeted HVAC systems. 

Another popular option is implementing a steam humidifier. This model heats up water until it boils and then uses a fan to push steam through the home’s vents. This type produces higher humidity levels than the other two and is often considered more efficient.   


If you’re tired of living with dry indoor air, turn to Sunshine Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. to add a central steam humidifier to your HVAC system. For over two decades, this company has provided a wide range of heating and cooling services to Yorktown Heights, Peekskill, and Cortland, NY. Their licensed and insured team is available 24 hours a day and offers a 100 percent service guarantee on all work. Call them today at (914) 245-2050 to discuss your indoor air and humidity issues, and visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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