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Do's & Don'ts of New Roof Installations for Your Home January 3, 2020

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Do's & Don'ts of New Roof Installations for Your Home, Waynesboro, Virginia

The roof protects the rest of your house from the elements and bolsters the property’s value. When your old roof gets damaged, you may need a new roof installation. Here’s some helpful advice regarding the roof replacement for your home.


Have it inspected.

Before starting a roofing project, have a trusted roofing company perform a thorough inspection. Sometimes you don’t need a full replacement. It might only need a few repairs, in which case you’ll be saving considerable money by avoiding an unnecessary new roof installation. A professional inspection can determine whether you need repairs or a replacement.

Consult your HOA.

Many homeowners associations have strict rules for renovating your property. This includes what materials the new roof can be constructed with, how high it can be built, and limitations on the style and color. Checking with the HOA prior to starting the project will save you time, money, and the stress of having to redo it later.


Forget to arrange for somewhere else to stay.

New RoofA roof replacement is an intense home improvement project that may require you to stay elsewhere while the work is being done. Plan to stay at a hotel or at a friend or family member’s home during the project. You can swing by during the day to check on the progress while avoiding the stress of trying to live through construction.

Add more than two layers.

If you have a shingle roof, you might be able to add a new layer of shingles over the existing ones rather than tearing it down. However, you should avoid adding more than two layers. This a violation of most building codes and adds excessive weight that can impact the integrity of your home’s foundation.


If your home needs a new roof, the professional contractors at Quality Enterprise in Waynesboro, VA, can perform a high-quality installation. For more than 30 years, they’ve helped local homeowners install and maintain a variety of residential roofing solutions. No matter what kind of roof damage you’ve experienced, they will provide fast and reliable fixes to keep your home and your property value protected. Schedule a consultation by calling (540) 949-0566 or learn more online.
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