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A Landlord's Guide to Tenant's Rights in New York January 28, 2020

New York, New York
A Landlord's Guide to Tenant's Rights in New York, New York, New York

When you own residential real estate in New York, finding the right tenants and maintaining each unit can be time-consuming. However, being in the management services industry also means complying with the law. If you're new to this business, or you simply need a refresher, learn more about some basic tenant's rights below.

Important New York Tenant’s Rights

1. Tenants Can Withhold Rent

After a tenant signs a lease, they're obligated to pay rent on time each month, or they may be required to pay a late fee. However, if a tenant is waiting on the landlord or management service to conduct crucial repairs, such as fixing a broken furnace, they can withhold rent until the fixes are complete.

2. Security Deposits Are Regulated

management servicesWhen advertising a unit for rent, requiring a security deposit before moving in is typical. In the state of New York, the security deposit cannot exceed one month's rent.

3. Eviction Requires a Notice of Termination

If a tenant fails to pay rent or abide by your lease agreement, you may wish to evict them from their unit. To go about this process lawfully, the eviction must begin with a Notice to Cure where you inform the tenant of their lease violation and give them 10 days to correct the problem. If the issue isn't fixed after 10 days, you must submit a Notice of Termination informing the tenant they have 30 days to exit the unit. Should the tenant remain after this window, the formal eviction process can begin.

4. You Must Give Reasonable Notice to Enter a Unit

A key component of management services includes conducting repairs within your units. However, each tenant must receive "reasonable notice" before their residence is entered. In New York, reasonable notice is considered one week for repairs or maintenance and at least 24 hours for an inspection.


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