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4 Life Changes That Call for a Storage Unit January 17, 2020

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4 Life Changes That Call for a Storage Unit, Anchorage, Alaska

Life is filled with changes, both big and small. If you’re going through one of the more significant transitions, you might even require the use of self-storage to keep your valuable items safe, provide you with more room, or help you gain some control. If you're in any of the following situations, consider renting a storage unit to make the process go more smoothly.

When You Should Rent a Storage Unit

1. Getting a Divorce

You and your spouse likely accumulated many items during your marriage. However, if you're planning to get divorced, you might not have a use for all of those belongings anymore. Instead of allowing them to clutter up your home, put them in self-storage for the time being.

2. Moving & Downsizing

self-storageIf you're moving into a smaller house or apartment, you might not have enough space for all of your belongings anymore. By placing some of your items in self-storage, you can keep your new, smaller area neat and organized, without sacrificing any of your belongings.

3. Having a New Baby

Bringing a new baby home is one of the most joyous times of your life. However, you may need to get rid of some of your items to make space for the nursery. If you move some of your possessions into storage, they'll stay safe until you have room for them again.

4. Enlisting in the Military

When you're joining the military, you'll need to find a safe place for your vehicle and other valuable belongings while you're training or deployed. In a self-storage unit, you can rest assured your items will remain in good condition and be protected against intruders.


If you’re looking for a reliable storage facility in Anchorage, AK, turn to International Self Storage. This company has been providing the area with a wide range of self-storage options for over 30 years. Whether you’re storing your RV or seasonal items, you can be sure your belongings will be safe and secure. For more information about their available units, call (907) 563-3287 or visit their website.

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