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3 Tips for Efficient Office Printing January 3, 2020

Jessup, Anne Arundel
3 Tips for Efficient Office Printing, Jessup, Maryland

If you own a small business or run an office, you understand the importance of minimizing overhead costs to help drive your company’s bottom line. One simple but often overlooked way to save is to become more economical in your office’s use of printing supplies. Here are a few strategies to consider to help minimize costs and resource usage when it comes to business printing. 

3 Ways to Become More Efficient With Office Printing

1. Identify What You Can Digitize

Now that we’re well into the digital age, there are many aspects of running a business that no longer require a paper trail. Email correspondence, for instance, typically doesn’t need to be printed if your business has cloud storage which is backed up regularly. You may still need to print certain items, such as contracts and outgoing invoices, so determine which documents can be stored exclusively through digital records to help you stretch your printing supplies further.

2. Establish a Printing Policy

printing suppliesTo keep printing costs under control, add a section on printer and copier usage to your employee handbook. Consider prohibiting the printing of documents such as concert tickets or information packets for personal use. Additionally, set guidelines for using color ink and encourage employees to print in black and white whenever possible. You can also set employees’ printing settings to “economy” or “draft” modes, which use less toner or ink. 

3. Choose an Efficient Printer 

Many commercial printers can last over a decade when serviced regularly. However, the older a printer becomes, the less efficient it may be. If your printer is on its way out, replacing it with a new system that uses high-yield toner or ink can help minimize running costs as well as the rate of usage for printing supplies. Additionally, consider your printer type. While laser printers are more affordable than they’ve ever been, don’t ignore the potential of inkjet devices for color printing.



 Whether your business is seeking a new printer, needs service for your system, or is simply in the market for a printing supplies provider, Laser Line can help. Serving Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia, this Jessup-based company is an HP partner and has been trusted by businesses throughout the community since 1989. See their full list of brands offered online or call (410) 636-1700 to discuss your business’s needs with one of their team members today.

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