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3 Ways to Keep Your Takeout Pizza Fresh January 17, 2020

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Ways to Keep Your Takeout Pizza Fresh, Bronx, New York

When you order a fresh, hot pizza from a local restaurant, nothing is better than that first bite of gooey cheese and delicious sauce. Unfortunately, if you're ordering takeout, the pizza can become less-than-ideal in the time it takes to bring it home. To keep your dinner warm, and to prevent the toppings and cheese from sliding around, practice these tricks.

How to Keep Your Carryout Pizza From Getting Cold

1. Put the Box on the Floor

When you put the pizza box in your car, don't put it on the seat. Instead, place it on the floor, and turn the heat on so it blows on your feet. This will keep your meal hot and prevent the box from sliding around, so the toppings stay in place.

2. Cover It With a Towel

pizzaKeeping your pizza warm requires protecting it from cooler air, so cover the box with a clean towel, blanket, or coat while you're driving. If you're a serious pizza connoisseur, invest in your own insulated pizza travel bag, similar to those that delivery drivers use. Inexpensive options are available online, and these bags will keep your pizza hot and fresh every time.

3. Warm Your Pizza Up

If your pizza still isn't as warm as you prefer when you get home, reheat it in the oven for a few minutes to raise the temperature. Before picking up the pie, warm the oven to 200 degrees so it's ready when you return. Quickly open the pizza box to release steam and check for any plastic pieces, and then open the vents on the sides of the box. Put the entire box in the oven for about 10 minutes, reducing the heat to 150 degrees.


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