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4 Landscape Lighting Tips to Upgrade the Yard January 14, 2020

Sagamore Hills, Summit
4 Landscape Lighting Tips to Upgrade the Yard, Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Homeowners can use outdoor lighting to extend their ability to use the garden, porch, or patio long past sunset. Installing fixtures can improve safety, enhance security, draw attention to landscaping features, and make the yard look more aesthetically pleasing at night. Here are four tips for upgrading your property with outdoor lights.

Advice for Installing Outdoor Lighting

1. Improve Safety

Many homeowners place lights along pathways and driveways to make it easier to see where they’re walking. Also, consider adding outdoor lighting around the perimeter of the pool to prevent accidentally falling in. Illuminate the borders of play areas so you can keep an eye on kids and pets at dusk. You can also install floodlights that reach the entire yard as a way to keep everyone safe when playing outside after dark.

2. Focus on Features

Every yard should have a focal point, such as a bonfire, patio, or water feature. Ensure this spot is visible year-round by adding outdoor lighting to illuminate the area. Some landscaping designers can even install underwater lights to provide a unique glow from the inside of ponds.

Add bullet lighting to highlight the house number or family name plaque to make it easy for people to find your home. Put in wash lights to illuminate the exterior, provide some security, and make it easier to see.

3. Create Ambient Lighting

outdoor lightingLighting helps create a mood, so consider using fixtures that have multiple settings. For example, can the lights dim or change hue? Light up the whole yard for flag football, accent greenery in the garden, or create a soft glow for after-dinner drinks with your loved ones.

4. Consider Waterproofing

All outdoor lighting should be waterproof to protect your investment and ensure the lights work, no matter the weather. Some fixtures like well lights use waterproof housings, while others offer exposed waterproof bulbs. Solar illumination must feature waterproof solar cells, while underground systems require wiring that will not corrode when exposed to rainwater.


If you’re interested in installing outdoor lighting, contact Rossi Landscaping in Summit County, OH, to start designing. The family-owned and -operated company has been in business for over 35 years and has earned an excellent reputation for efficient, beautiful design. Call the Northfield-area company at (330) 467-2448, or visit the website for information on installation and maintenance for plants, water features, retaining walls, walkways, and more.

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