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A Guide to Foundation Issues That Affect Older Homes? January 9, 2020

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A Guide to Foundation Issues That Affect Older Homes?, Norwood, Ohio

Purchasing an older home has advantages and drawbacks. Location and lot size may outweigh dated decor, such as shag carpeting and green Formica countertops. However, older homes may have structural problems, including slanted, crumbling, and cracked foundations, that make cosmetic issues seem superfluous. If you own an older home, here’s what you should know about their foundations. 

3 Common Foundation Issues in Older Homes 

1. Slanting

Every house shifts over time until it eventually settles. Building contractors take eroding soils, drainage, and expanding roots into account to construct homes that are less vulnerable to shifting. If your home was built before builders routinely conducted comprehensive land surveys, its foundation might have settled at a slant. Signs of a slanted foundation include uneven floors and doors and windows that don't open and close without gaping or jamming. 

2. Cracking 

cracked foundationConcrete can crack as the result of age or in response to an underlying structural problem. Vertical and horizontal cracks may be visible around the base of your home, or they may develop on exterior walls or chimneys. Hairline fractures aren't always cause for concern. If your cracked foundation has gaps wider than a quarter inch, contact a crack repair professional to evaluate the extent of the damage. 

3. Crumbling

If a leak develops under your foundation, the resulting pooling water will cause concrete to crumble. Such leaks are often the result of slab shifting, which puts considerable stress on pipes until they crack or become dislodged. A deteriorating foundation isn't the only issue a slab leak may cause. If left unchecked, mold and mildew may develop.


If your home has a slanted, crumbling, or cracked foundation, turn to Reliable Crack Injection. Founded in Cincinnati, OH, more than a decade ago, this waterproofing company specializes in repairing and reinforcing foundations. Serving clients in Mason, Hamilton County, and Northern Kentucky, they offer a 20-year guarantee on all their work. To learn more about the services they provide, visit their website. To request a quote for repairing a cracked foundation, call (513) 368-4366.


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