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3 Eco-Friendly Materials for a New Home Construction Project January 17, 2020

Waipahu, Ewa
3 Eco-Friendly Materials for a New Home Construction Project, Ewa, Hawaii

When you're planning new home construction, take the time to think about your impact on the world around you. As an island chain, Hawaii is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and pollution, so to protect them, do what you can to make environmentally friendly choices. This includes choosing building materials that minimize your impact on the environment.

What Kinds of Green Materials Are Available for New Home Construction?

1. Reclaimed & Recycled Materials

A wide range of roofing, siding, and flooring options are made from recycled materials. Aluminum, copper, and steel can all be completely recycled into new plumbing parts and fixtures, and many companies make boards out of recycled cork or newspaper, tile and countertops out of old glass, building blocks from plastic, and even new concrete from old.image

2. Renewable Resources

Even if the material you're using is completely new, some types are more environmentally friendly than others. Instead of hardwood flooring, which requires cutting down fully grown trees, use cork and bamboo substitutes, which are fast-growing and easy to cultivate. For insulation, you can use sheep's wool, recycled newspaper, and even upcycled  denim (Pictured Above)  which is completely renewable and safe, instead of chemicals or fiberglass.

3. Manufacturing Byproducts

Other companies take materials that are typically discarded and turn them into useful building materials, saving space in landfills and reducing the demand for less environmentally friendly products. Bark siding is made from tree bark that lumber companies would usually treat as trash. Ashcrete is made with the ash left over from burning coal for energy.


If you're planning new home construction, Wave Builders in Waipahu, HI, will help you do it in an environmentally friendly way. Centrally based on the island of Oahu, they also provide prefabricated homes and ADA-compliant building. To get started with your project, call (808) 680-9283 or learn more about their offerings online.

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