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5 Factors That Contribute to Yellow Spots on the Lawn January 6, 2020

Wedgwood Middle, Fort Worth
5 Factors That Contribute to Yellow Spots on the Lawn, Fort Worth, Texas

If you’ve been trying to stay on top of your lawn care needs, it can be disappointing to still find yellow spots on the grass. However, knowing the common causes behind these patches can help you take the necessary steps to prevent them in the future. Here’s what you should know. 

What Causes Yellow Spots In Your Yard?

1. Over Fertilization

Fertilizer keeps the lawn lush and the foliage thriving, but this part of a lawn care routine can easily cause damage without the proper precautions. A fertilizer that isn’t properly balanced for the type of grass in your lawn will have too much of certain nutrients and too little of others, which can create chemical burns. Using too much fertilizer or spreading it unevenly will cause the same damage.

2. Sunlight & Water

Too much sunlight and too little water will quickly dry out the grass and kill it. If you notice dry patches, check if the irrigation system provides even coverage. Too little sunlight and too much water will also contribute to grass death and yellow spots. Make sure structures like trees, sheds, and playground equipment aren’t casting a permanent shadow over the yellow parts of the yard, and be mindful of how much grass is watered during periods of high precipitation.

3. Improper Lawn Mowing

lawn careMowing is crucial to lawn care, but if your mower blades aren’t kept sharp, they’ll tear and rip your grass, cutting it unevenly and damaging it. Mowing it too short will damage it, too, as there won’t be enough of the blade left to absorb sunlight.

4. Animal Urine

Urine from animals like dogs, birds, and wildlife contains high levels of nitrogen. Yellow patches will appear as they urinate on the lawn and the nitrogen burns the grass. These spots are often surrounded by a thin radius of lusher grass that’s fertilized by the lower concentration of nitrogen.

5. Diseases

Fungal diseases commonly cause yellow patches in the yard. Overwatering, lack of sunshine, and thatch that’s too dense contribute to the development of fungal diseases as it holds moisture close to the root system. Routine lawn maintenance to control thatch growth and limit moisture buildup will reduce the chance of disease.


An experienced lawn care company will diagnose and correct the cause of your yard’s yellow spots. Jake’s Lawn Care in Fort Worth, TX, offers complete lawn services to repair your yard, make it unique, and keep it pristine. Their services include lawn mowing, irrigation systems, fertilization, disease control, professional landscaping, sodding, mulching, and water feature installations. With over 30 years in business, they have the expertise and dedication to rejuvenate and maintain your yard. View their gallery online, and call (817) 292-2711 to turn your yard around today.

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