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How to Clear the Cache on Your iPhone® January 16, 2020

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How to Clear the Cache on Your iPhone®, Canton, Ohio

Apple® devices are generally low-maintenance. However, your iPhone® will benefit from cleaning your cache every so often, allowing it to run at optimum speeds. Follow these steps to remove the cache from your Safari® browser and third-party apps.

3 Steps to Clear Cache on Your Apple Device

1. Delete Your Browser Cache

With constant web browsing, the cache will slow down your phone’s loading times. However, before clearing it on Safari, keep in mind that your browser will log you out from all the websites you’re signed into.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app and scroll to the fifth group of options.
  • Find Safari at the bottom of this group and tap.
  • Tap Clear History and Website Data.
  • Hit Clear History and Data.

2. Clear Your App Cache

apple deviceYou can erase the stored data from your used apps under the Usage option in Settings with these steps:

  • Tap the Settings app, then General, and finally iPhone Storage.
  • You will see your apps at the bottom of your screen, organized by the size of the storage they are using. Tap on an app that’s taking up a lot of space.
  • Check the entry for Documents & Data. If the app is taking over 500 MB of storage, delete it and reinstall it again to free up your space.
  • Tap Delete App and then confirm. This will delete your app. Head to the App Store® and reinstall your app.

Some apps will provide a clear cache button as a more straightforward solution. If not, use the steps above to free up the space on your Apple device.

3. Restart Your iPhone® to Free Up Memory

Restarting your iPhone is a tried-and-true method to clear cache and guarantee your apps will have enough memory to run optimally.

To restart your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the power button down until you see slide to power off. For the iPhone X®, hold down both the power and volume buttons until the slider appears.
  • Swipe the slider to power off
  • Wait until your device is completely turned off, then press the hold button again to turn it on.


If you’re still encountering slow speeds on your Apple device, turn to Experimax Canton OH in Stark County. Serving Akron, their experts will carefully examine your iPhone®, providing solutions to increase the speed. They also offer certified pre-owned Apple phones with low-cost rates. To learn more, visit their website or call (330) 409-7005.

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