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3 Ways to Keep a Garage Door From Freezing Shut January 16, 2020

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3 Ways to Keep a Garage Door From Freezing Shut, Greece, New York

When you leave your home for the day, you don't want to get held up by your garage door. However, when the weather is cold and icy, the conditions can cause it to freeze shut, trapping your car inside and forcing you to call for garage door repair. To prevent this wintertime inconvenience, follow these steps.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Working All Winter

1. Check the Weather Seal

Every garage door has a strip of rubber along the bottom, known as the weather seal, that keeps the elements out. However, if yours is old and cracked, it'll let the cold air in and stop doing its job. Examine your weather seal throughout the winter, and if you notice signs of wear, talk with a garage door repair service before it causes you any inconvenience.

2. Clear the Area

garage door repairBefore going to bed, and first thing in the morning, clear snow and ice from the front of your garage. Add extra time to your schedule for this daily maintenance to ensure you're not in a rush. While it might seem tedious, this work will allow you to get in and out of your space with ease.

3. Install a Heater

If you're looking for a more permanent fix, get a heater for your garage. This is a more costly option, but it'll prevent your garage from reaching freezing temperatures, and it'll also make the room more pleasant. In fact, you might even start using the space for storage or exercise.


Automatic Garage Door Repair Service in Monroe County, NY, knows that a malfunctioning door can get in the way of a good day. For nearly 40 years, they’ve provided comprehensive services, including garage door repair, spring and cable repair, and garage door opener installation. If you need help getting your door working this winter, call (585) 663-1180.
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