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4 FAQ About Home Births January 10, 2020

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4 FAQ About Home Births, Suffern, New York

Giving birth is one of the most rewarding experiences for women. If you have been exploring various birthing options, consider a home birth. This option allows you to welcome your baby in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by medical professionals and family. If you’re unfamiliar with this option, below are answers to a few frequently asked questions to help inform you further. 

Common Questions About Home Births

What is a home birth?

This option allows women to give birth in the comfort of their own homes. With the help of a medical professional, such as a midwife, the mother can give birth to a healthy baby in a birthing pool filled with warm water. 

How do I prepare for a home birth?

A certified nurse-midwife with an educational background will bring the proper supplies for a home birth, including an oxygen tank for the baby and mother, a birth pool, and portable suction equipment. They’ll also bring antiseptic solution and cord clams, as well as IV supplies, in case you need extra fluids during the delivery process. 

Before you welcome your baby, make sure to prepare a kit with fresh newborn clothes, towels, and diapers. Have a stack of clean towels handy to dry off with, a bathrobe, and slippers to keep warm. Keep pajamas nearby to change into when you’re ready to rest with your baby. 

What are the possible risks of a home birth?

Home BirthThe most common risk is that if you or your baby needs emergency medical care, you will have to get to a hospital for immediate attention. A trained midwife will monitor signs of distress throughout the childbirth process. If they notice alarming changes, they’ll call for immediate assistance to ensure you and your baby remain safe and healthy.

What are the benefits of this option?

People choose this birthing option for several personal reasons. If you desire freedom and control through the process, a home birth will be beneficial for you. This option gives the mother a birth experience without medical intervention, medication for pain, or invasive treatment from medical professionals. Women feel at ease welcoming their babies in their homes, giving them peace of mind and reducing stress levels. 



If you’re considering a home birth, contact the professionals at Home Birth with Love in Suffern, NY. Established by Leah Marinelli, her team of certified nurse-midwives will support you through every step of the birthing process, from your first trimester to finalizing your birthing plan. The team provides extensive support and resources for mothers who wish to learn more about newborn care, breastfeeding, wellness exams, and postpartum assistance. To learn more about developing a home birth plan, call (845) 641-5058 or visit their website to browse their services. 

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