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Your Guide to New Jersey Food Truck Regulations January 17, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Your Guide to New Jersey Food Truck Regulations, Brooklyn, New York

If cooking is your passion, opening your own restaurant can be lucrative. Getting a mobile food truck is an excellent first step in making that a reality. They don’t require the same level of investment, you don’t need wait staff, you can open whenever, and you don’t need a comprehensive food menu. However, when you open a food truck business in New Jersey, there are several administrative tasks you need to get done. Here’s how to get started.

How to Open a Food Truck in New Jersey

How Do You Get a Food Vending License in New Jersey?

To sell food for public consumption or distribution in New Jersey, you need a food vending license. To qualify, you have to provide certain documentation and meets specific requirements set by the New Jersey Department of Health.

You will need to provide the following: Proof of identification, which can be a driver’s license, state ID, or passport; three passport-sized pictures; your social security number; proof you’ve registered your business for tax purposes; and proof your business is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

mobile food trucksYou also need to complete the license application form, which asks you to fill in some details about the business and where you plan on selling food. You’ll pay your license fees with your application, and these are renewed on December 31 every year.

What Other Regulations Do Owners of Mobile Food Trucks Have to Follow?

Getting your vending license is just one of several steps before you can open your food truck. Here are a couple of others:

  • Food Manager Certification: In New Jersey, the owner or manager of a food establishment must successfully pass an accredited food safety certification exam.
  • Insurance: You’ll need general liability insurance to cover injury or accident claims on your property, as well as claims of property damage to someone else’s premises. Additionally, coverage is necessary, so consult with an insurance broker.


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