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4 Tips for Decorating Your New Sunroom Installation January 6, 2020

Iron Triangle, East Yolo
4 Tips for Decorating Your New Sunroom Installation, East Yolo, California

You’ve finally added that sunroom installation to create the home of your dreams. Decorations can make the room feel truly complete. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin looking at furniture and knick-knacks to adorn the new space. 

How to Decorate Your New Sunroom Installation

1. Designate a Purpose for the Room

Before you can start adding furniture, determine how you plan to use the new space. Will it be a lounge area for the entire family or a solo retreat for your hobbies or work? Do you plan to entertain guests? Maybe it will be a catch-all room and change for whoever’s using it. Once you know these details, you can pick out the best furnishings for the room’s intended use. 

2. Pick Sun-Resistant Materials

sunroom installationYour sunroom is going to be a haven for natural light. Choose furnishings that won’t fade, crack, or discolor after a year or two of exposure to the sun. Wicker, rattan, and bamboo furniture are particularly suited to long-term sun exposure. If you prefer upholstered items, be sure to pick ones that have been treated to withstand UV rays. You can also coat pieces with an outdoor, UV-resistant varnish. 

3. Blend the Indoors & Out 

A sunroom provides a unique approach for inviting nature into your home. Subtly incorporate natural and earthy elements by blending them with pieces that resemble your interior design aesthetic. For instance, wooden chairs and tables should use colors found on your interior furniture or walls. This will create a seamless transition across the entire property. You can also add hanging plants, potted Meyer lemon trees, and other greenery to further blur the boundary between your garden and your home. 

4. Create Zones

If your sunroom installation is rather large, you can get more use out of it by dividing it up into separate zones. For instance, tie together furniture for lounging and entertaining with a specific color or pattern and coordinate them around a rug. On the other side of the room, use contrasting colors and separate lighting to indicate this a dining area or maybe a home office. 


When you want to add a sunroom installation to your home, turn to the experts at Patio Designers. For over a decade, this family-owned and -operated business has designed innovative and stunning outdoor retreats for homeowners across California. Their team builds everything from shaded patio covers to weather-resistant decks. Call them today at (877) 757-2846 to discuss your sunroom dreams, and visit their website to learn more about their full range of services. 

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