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What to Know About Iron in Drinking Water January 16, 2020

Wappinger, Dutchess
What to Know About Iron in Drinking Water, Wappinger, New York

As water moves through rock underground, it slowly dissolves the minerals. When enough minerals have seeped into the liquid, it’s called hard water. One of the most common ones found in well water is iron. Here are the problems that high iron levels can cause and what you can do.

A Guide to Iron in Hard Water

Why It’s a Problem

Iron is only hazardous to your health in extremely high dosages; it would require a much higher amount than is found in your drinking water to do you real harm. However, it does cause a wide range of unpleasant problems for your family and home. Excessive iron levels can dry out your hair and skin over time as you bathe in and consume it.

hard waterAs you use water in your home, the iron will also stick to your appliances and fixtures. This results in unsightly red, yellow, or brownish stains on your sink, bathtubs, and even on your clothing after washing.

This staining is extremely difficult to remove. Just as it builds up outside your plumbing, the iron will also accumulate inside the pipes. Over time, that buildup clogs your home’s plumbing and your water-using appliances, reducing your water pressure and shortening their life span.

How to Detect It

This problem is easily detectable because of iron stains and the odor. Hard water has a distinctly metallic taste and smell to it, which you may notice when drinking a glass of tap water or preparing food with it. It tends to make certain foods taste harsher and gives them a black appearance.

You may see reddish stains inside your sinks and tubs, paired with a mineral buildup around your faucets. If you suspect unusually high levels, bring in a professional to test your water. They’ll take a sample to their lab and test it for iron along with other common contaminants you would want to filter out.


If you suspect that you have a hard water problem, it’s time to have your water tested. The Water Source in Wappingers Falls, NY, offers water treatment solutions throughout the Hudson Valley. These professionals have over 30 years of experience testing water and installing filtration or softening systems. They carry products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. Learn more on their website, and call (845) 297-1600 to schedule a free water analysis.

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