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How to Maintain a Manual Auto Transmission February 6, 2020

Oak Harbor, Island
How to Maintain a Manual Auto Transmission, Oak Harbor, Washington

As you drive from a parking spot to the highway, your manual transmission allows your car to switch gears and gain momentum efficiently. If this system starts to malfunction, it could damage your vehicle, or prevent it from running at all. Luckily, you can take better care of your auto transmission system and prevent unnecessary breakdowns by using the following maintenance guide.

Maintenance Tips

Each year, it’s crucial to have your transmission system inspected. The repair technician will perform a diagnostic assessment, which will identify abnormalities like leaks and low fluid levels. They also consider the color and odor of the transmission fluid to figure out when it needs replacing. The total supply should be flushed clean annually, but the frequency of this service may vary depending on how often you drive and how much the car heats up. The technician will also take a look at your car’s cooling system, which is responsible for cooling the transmission fluid that moves through the gearbox. This will ensure that the parts keep moving smoothly.

Driving Tips

auto transmissionYour driving habits can have a significant effect on your auto transmission system’s quality. For example, it’s important to keep your left foot completely off the clutch pedal when shifting gears. Exerting constant pressure on the pedal is known as “riding the clutch” and will strain the component, reducing the life span of your transmission system.

When reducing your speed, such as before approaching a stoplight, avoid downshifting as often as possible, as this can deteriorate the engine and the gearbox. Instead, simply rely on your brakes to come to a complete stop.


If your auto transmission system is not functioning as well as it used to, take your vehicle to Car Care Clinic at Gateway Transmissions. This auto repair facility has been helping drivers throughout the Oak Harbor, WA, area since 1999. Whether you drive a foreign or domestic vehicle, they will put their skills to work to repair or replace parts under the hood. They even offer free, 30-minute diagnostic services, so you can get an accurate picture of your car’s condition in under an hour. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website or call (360) 679-0700 to schedule an appointment.

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