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4 FAQ About Awnings December 30, 2019

Asheboro, Randolph
4 FAQ About Awnings, Asheboro, North Carolina

Awnings can add aesthetic appeal to your home. However, they can also potentially reduce your energy costs and improve the quality of your living space. Here’s what you should know about these useful structures.

What to Know About Awnings

What is an awning?

An awning is a protective overhanging cover. It’s almost like a roof, except that its material options are more versatile. Some homeowners might prefer a traditional fabric model, while others might opt for something made of wood to complement their outdoor space and design aesthetic.

What are its advantages?

Seagrove, NC awningsThese covers are particularly eye-catching, and they can give your outdoor space a refreshed appearance. More importantly, they can bring down your energy costs by blocking much of the harsh ultraviolet (UV) light that filters into your home throughout the day. As a result, the home will feel much more comfortable, and you won’t need to rely as much on your air conditioner to cool down the house during the summer. That can amount to significant savings on your utility bills. You can also spend more time outdoors on your deck or patio when they have a cover that shields you from UV rays.

What types are available?

Stationary and retractable awnings are available. A fixed model features a frame that is permanently affixed to the adjacent wall. It’s ideal for covering smaller elements, like doors and windows. A retractable model, by contrast, attaches to the home but can easily be extended or closed with the touch of a button or the turn of a crank. This option works well for decks and patios.

How do you clean them?

You can use a brush to remove any loose debris, then hose it down. If necessary, apply some mild dishwashing soap and water to scrub away more stubborn contaminants, then finish with a soft brush to remove any remaining grime. Have someone spot you from underneath if you’re standing on a ladder. Working two at a time is the safest way to handle this task.


If you’re seeking a reliable company to install a new awning in your home or business, trust the team at Carolina Awning Fabricators LLC in Seagrove, NC. This family-owned company installs a variety of products, ranging from aluminum and retractable awnings to canopies. They work closely with customers throughout the Piedmont area to select the perfect product for their property’s needs. Visit them online for more information, or call them at (336) 736-6258 to speak with a staff member.

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