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4 Factors to Help Determine If You Need a New Truck or Car January 10, 2020

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4 Factors to Help Determine If You Need a New Truck or Car, Barron, Wisconsin

When it’s time to buy a vehicle, the first decision you should make is if you’re looking for a new truck or a new car. There are plenty of benefits to both, but each is suited for different lifestyles and uses. Here’s what you should consider before you visit your truck and car dealership.

How to Decide Between a New Truck & a Car

1. Engine Power

Truck engines are more powerful than car engines. If you live on a ranch, work in construction, or are constantly hauling or towing heavy items, a truck is the more practical choice. For those just needing a vehicle to get around, however, a car is the wisest option.

2. Driving Frequency & Distance

Another consideration is how much and how far you’ll drive the vehicle. If you’re a busy person with a lot of errands, you have a long commute to work or school, or you drive for a ride-hailing service, you’ll burn through more gas than someone who just needs to get to work and back every day. Trucks often have lower gas mileage than cars, so if you drive a lot, a car will save you money on fuel.

3. Space

new truckSeating and storage space help determine which vehicle suits your needs. Trucks have a lot of exposed bed area for transporting items like tools and lumber, while a car may have limited trunk space for big objects. However, if you have a large family or frequently transport groups of people, cars often have more seating and comfortable features than most trucks.

4. Ruggedness

Consider the terrain around where you live and your style of driving. Trucks are designed to withstand harsher conditions; they can easily handle driving on dirt, gravel, snow, and rough land without damage to the alignment, shocks, or body. Cars, on the other hand, have lower clearances and less-robust suspensions, so they’re mostly suited to driving on paved roads. Only the occasional excursion on a dirt or gravel road is tolerable.


Now that you know what you need, visit a new truck and car dealership that offers dependable vehicles. Swant Graber Motors in Barron, WI, has over 77 years in business and offers competitive pricing and financing options on Dodge®, Chevy®, and Ford® vehicles. Whether you need something new or used, they have a wide stock of reliable trucks, cars, and SUVs. Their service center is courteous and fast, and they do giveaways every Friday on their Facebook page. Browse their inventory online, and call (715) 537-5657 to inquire about a specific vehicle or financing.

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