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5 Odd Flavors That Could Come From Your Tap Water January 15, 2020

Rehobeth, Houston
5 Odd Flavors That Could Come From Your Tap Water, Rehobeth, Alabama

Your home’s tap water is likely what you drink every day, while also using it for bathing, cleaning, and cooking. For this reason, you’re probably very familiar with the taste, meaning any changes to it will be immediately noticeable. A funny or new taste might seem minor, but it could indicate an issue with your home water system. Learn more about some common problems below to determine if your water needs to be checked by professionals.

Why Does Your Tap Water Taste Funny?

1. Moldy 

Although water comes from the earth, it shouldn't taste earthy or otherwise like mold. If it does have that flavor, there may be algal blooms in your water supply. In some cases, this taste could also indicate bacterial growth within your home water system or your faucets.

2. Rotten Eggs

The taste or scent of rotten eggs is a telltale sign of sulfur. In particular, this could point to the natural decay of organic materials. While it isn't considered dangerous, a buildup of hydrogen sulfide can corrode pipework over time and lead to black water.

3. Metallic

home water systemCertain minerals, including iron and manganese, are naturally occurring in water sources. Others, such as zinc, can be harmful if ingested in excess, causing fever, nausea, stomach cramps, and vomiting. While a water softener will remove magnesium and other ions, it's essential to have any potential issues investigated first.

4. Salty

As water moves through the earth, it picks up chloride compounds, which give off a salty flavor. Elevated chloride levels can also come from runoff, industrial waste, and seawater entering your water supply. A salty taste could even point to contamination from sewage, so this is a problem you'll definitely want to investigate.

5. Sweet

Similar to metallic tastes, sweetness is often caused by high volumes of minerals, including iron or calcium. Imbalances in your water's pH levels could also be the culprit. Even if the taste is due to naturally occurring minerals, you should still get to the bottom of this issue with professional help.


If your water has an unfamiliar taste, allow Branton Bros Well Drilling, Inc. in Dothan, AL, to help. Serving Dale, Henry, Geneva, and Houston counties, these experts have more than 50 years of experience with well drilling and repairs. They can also help get to the bottom of your water issue and provide a lasting solution, such as a home water system. Browse through their services online or call (334) 677-5489 to speak with a team member about your needs.

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