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Take a Peek Inside Dreamscapes’ Latest Landscaping Success December 30, 2019

Grant, Lancaster
Take a Peek Inside Dreamscapes’ Latest Landscaping Success, Grant, Nebraska

As a trusted provider of landscaping services throughout Lincoln, NE, Dreamscapes is dedicated to bringing their clients’ visions to life. Most recently, their team had the pleasure of completing a large-scale berm project for a local homeowner who had a very specific challenge: addressing the view and noise from the street their property overlooked. Discover how Dreamscapes tackled the project below. 

What Is a Berm?

A berm is a space, shelf, or, in this case, a raised barrier that separates two areas. While it’s widely used in industrial settings, it can also be used in commercial and residential applications to section off spaces. In this instance, a local homeowner’s property was located close to a busy street, which disrupted the view from their home and created noise pollution. Looking for a strategic solution, they turned to Dreamscapes for help.


How Was the Project Completed? 

Constructing the berm was no small feat. If you’re local to the community, you may have even seen its construction taking place over recent weeks. Fortunately, the project came to fruition before the winter weather set in. 

landscapingThe berm was thoughtfully engineered and featured geogrids to serve as reinforcement. These grids will combat soil erosion, preventing the structure from slowly drifting away over time. In addition to soil, the berm was constructed using other landscaping elements, such as trees and shrubs, which were planted by crane due to the size and slope.



A retaining wall supports the berm from the homeowner’s side. In the spring, additional hardscaping elements, including a paver patio, fire pit, and lighting will be installed. 

If you’ve seen the landscaping professionals from Dreamscapes hard at work and would like to hire their team for your own project, contact them by calling (402) 421-7496. These professionals have been serving Lancaster County for nearly 30 years and offer an extensive range of hardscaping and landscaping services, which you can view online. If you didn’t get a chance to watch their berm project come together firsthand, you can also view before and after photos on Facebook.

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