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How to Add Historic Charm to Your Ceilings January 28, 2020

Astoria, Queens
How to Add Historic Charm to Your Ceilings, Queens, New York

Your home is a place to express your design creativity and turn rooms into works of art. If your home decor ambitions currently involve ceiling renovations, there are many ways to infuse your ceilings with historic charm. Below, learn some options to discuss with your home improvement team.

Unique Ceiling Ideas

Embellishments such as ceiling medallions create antiquated looks. Medallions come in stand-alone and smaller-row options, cast-plaster is an ideal choice. They highlight intricate lighting options such as chandeliers while also upgrading basic molding.

Plaster ceilings add instant vintage elegance. Typically made of plaster mouldings, these designs often feature geometric patterns to create a mesmerizing effect. The silver-gilt paper material also provides a metallic look and can be hand-painted for a custom result.

Rustik options provide historic flare as well, such as those in the farmhouse style. Exposed wood beams and planks complement farmhouse architecture, while others such as exposed brick tile look perfect in country homes.

Options for Different House Styles

ceilingsThe best embellishments for your ceilings depend on your home’s architectural style in addition to the individual room. If your home has a coastal vibe, painted wood beams and bridging or high-gloss coffered styles look better in the living and dining rooms over blue lacquer options with gold accents.

Pressed-tin panels, patterned metal, and wallpaper ceilings suit Victorian homes with elegant home decor, furnishings, and lighting. Homes in bungalow and split-level styles allow homeowners to consider a broader range of historic ceiling options.

Many of these homes feature open floor plans that turn ceilings into showpieces, such as painted wood beams or those with frieze or enrichment designs. Colonial and Tudor homes suit exposed and painted wood beam over metal styles. Victorian homes plaster mouldings and ornate ceiling medallion.


Discuss your ceiling aspirations with the experts at Ionic Casting in Long Island City, NY. The second-generation family business specializes in ornamental castings among other beautification and restoration services for area homes and businesses. They have been a community staple for over 70 years, and you can expect services that leave you 100% satisfied. Call (718) 786-7670 today to start your project or visit the team online for casting service details. Get more ideas on Facebook.

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