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How to Reorganize Your Home or Business for the New Year December 30, 2019

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How to Reorganize Your Home or Business for the New Year, Asheville, North Carolina

The New Year is just around the corner, which means many businesses and homeowners crave a fresh start for their properties. One way to begin with organizing your space is to call for a dumpster rental and clear out items that you don’t need. Below is a guide for reorganizing your property quickly and efficiently.

Sort Your Items 

Make three piles and label them “keep,” “donate,” and “trash.” The items in good condition can be donated to charitable organizations that will provide a tax receipt for your return. Place the trash into receptacles or into a dumpster.

Reorganizing after the holidays is beneficial because it lets you toss out old items and replace them with newer versions you receive or buy. Sort clothing, toys, and furniture and evaluate their usage. Remove broken items, ripped pieces, or duplicates. You may also have leftover decorations and boxes, obsolete paperwork, or broken equipment that is not necessary anymore.

Consider Trash Removal Services 

Rent a Dumpster 

dumpsterHaving a dumpster on your property makes it easy to place items directly into the trash. The junk is then contained in a singular tidy place, and there is no need for multiple trips to recycling centers or trash drop-offs. When the container is full, the dumpster rental company will pick it up and haul it away for you.

There are many different sizes of dumpsters, and estimating correctly is key. Consider how many rooms are being cleaned and then assess the items that those rooms contain. Small dumpsters are usually about ten cubic yards and great for yard clean-ups, garage cleanouts, or a basement organization. A 40-cubic-yard dumpster can handle loads from a large home or office. These containers are also great for demolition and construction clean-up. Discuss your plans with the rental company before choosing, and make sure you understand the weight limits so they can easily remove the dumpster when it is full.

Hire Junk Removal

Consider hiring a junk removal company to help with your purge. These experts will quickly and efficiently haul away items you no longer want, such as furniture, larger electronics, and other bulky appliances. This saves you time and the risk of injuring yourself while trying to get these heavy pieces into a dumpster. Junk removal companies will bring the right tools and equipment to protect your property, and they will know how to pack the dumpster for removal.


If you are ready to declutter your home or business, you will need a dumpster to clear away your waste. This is where Consolidated Waste Service in Asheville, NC, can help. Since 2000, this junk removal company has offered top-notch waste management options for construction clean-up and residential waste removal in Western North Carolina. Their team works six days a week and offers next day services to ensure an efficient result. Call (828) 645-0660 to find out more about their dumpster rentals. Visit their website to learn about available container sizes.

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