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5 Tips for Creating Unique Save the Date Cards January 10, 2020

Sanford, Lee
5 Tips for Creating Unique Save the Date Cards, Sanford, North Carolina

Get your guests excited for your special day by sending them reminders to “save the date.” These cards don’t just inform guests about your wedding; they can also speak to your personal style and showcase your wedding theme, colors, and location. Follow these tips to create unforgettable save the dates that are ready for commercial printing.

How to Design a Save the Date Card

1. Add a Personal Touch

Personalize your save the dates by including a photo of you and your spouse-to-be. If you’ve recently had engagement photos taken, this is the perfect place to share one with family and friends. You could also choose a shot from a memorable vacation or the first time you were ever photographed as a couple. 

2. Incorporate Elements of Your Wedding

commercial printingIf you’ve begun wedding planning, you may have already chosen a theme or color scheme. Consider incorporating these elements for a seamless look.

For example, your save the date color scheme can match your wedding. If you’re having a tropical destination wedding, carry that theme to your card design. You can even coordinate them with your wedding invitations for a lovely harmony.

3. Include Essential Details

The design of your save the date makes a statement, but these cards also need to be informative. Be sure to include all relevant information on the cards, including the wedding date, time, and location. Add other key details like your wedding website URL and hotel information for guests. The more informed your guests are, the more likely they are to plan appropriately for your big day.

4. Mix & Match Fonts

Since a save the date is less formal than an invitation, let yourself have some fun. Consider combining a script font for your names and a classic sans serif font for other information. Finding the right font combination allows you to personalize the design.

5. Use High-Quality Materials

Working with a commercial printing business allows you to create sturdy, high-quality results. Cardstock is always a smart choice for stationery because it’s bulkier and less likely to bend or tear. Alternatively, get creative and design magnets that guests can display as a daily reminder about your upcoming wedding.


To print your customized save the dates, take your design to Jones Printing Co Inc., which has served the Sanford, NC, area since 1885. With more than a century of experience, this printer delivers high-quality projects, ranging from save the dates and invitations to brochures, flyers, and posters. Call (919) 774-9442 for more information or learn more about available services on the website.