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3 Evergreen Benefits of Ceiling Fans January 10, 2020

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Evergreen Benefits of Ceiling Fans, Lincoln, Nebraska

While it might not seem apparent, ceiling fans are valuable tools and excellent additions to any home. They provide more than cooling on hot days, thanks to a few long-lasting benefits for all seasons. Here are three ways ceiling fans can benefit your house.

Why Should You Install Ceiling Fans?

1. Energy Savings

Ceiling fans are excellent tools to help lower your bills and reduce energy waste. The fans keep the air from your HVAC system in circulation for longer, thus lowering the operating time of your air conditioner. And, on mild summer days, you won’t need to turn on the AC at all. They also require less power to function—about 30 watts.

2. Style

ToolsCompared to their robust and clunky cooling counterparts, ceiling fans come in a variety of aesthetics to match the look of your room. They range from modern, stainless-steel blades for a touch of minimalism to carved, wooden leaves for a tropical-themed patio. They also have detachable blades for you to mix and match different styles to your liking.

3. Year-Round Use

Most people don’t know that ceiling fans are excellent tools for circulating heat, too. The fans can rotate clockwise, pushing the warm air up and around the room without producing a draft. This encourages residents to keep the thermostat lower, helping the HVAC unit work less.


If you’re looking for a local institution that will offer you the perfect tools and electrical equipment to install your ceiling fans, turn to Lincoln Winlectric in Lancaster County, NE. With a vast inventory of top electronic brands, they will find any part you need at an excellent price. Their on-site professionals will make your job easier, helping you choose the correct parts while offering the highest quality. To learn more about their full range of products, visit them online. Call (402) 423-3100 today to speak with a friendly representative.

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