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4 Reasons a Carport Enhances a Property January 17, 2020

Franklinville, Randolph
4 Reasons a Carport Enhances a Property, Franklinville, North Carolina

If you own a vehicle and want to keep it safe and running well for a long time, you’ll need to inspect and maintain it regularly. Giving it shelter from the elements helps, too. A carport is an effective way to further protect your investment and add appeal to your property. Here’s a closer look at how this covered structure will benefit your vehicle and your home.

Why Should You Install a Carport?

1. Safety From Weather Elements

Carports have roofs and, sometimes, side paneling to protect your vehicle from the weather. You’ll keep its body intact longer by blocking harmful UV sun rays, rain, sleet, and snow, which can cause rusting and damage to the paint job.

2. Convenience

Unlike a typical garage, you won’t have the hassle of opening and closing a door to access the carport since these structures are open, doorless areas. As such, it’s more convenient for quickly loading and unloading items. If you ultimately find that you’d carportslike a door, however, their simple structure makes it easy to install sides and a rolling door for extra protection.

3. Increase in Home Value

An increase in property value is an advantage in case you want to sell your home in the future. Properties with covered car parking are highly sought-after by homebuyers, especially in suburban areas where people are more dependent on personal vehicles for transportation.

4. Property Enhancement

Carports are multifunctional and can serve as outdoor balconies for open-air activities. They can also provide shade for your children when they play outdoors or additional space for your BBQ party.


If you’re looking for experts in building carports, rely on the team at New Horizon Buildings and Concrete, LLC in Franklinville, NC. With over two decades of experience, this metal building contractor has provided dependable services in constructing metal barns, garages, and sheds—from design to installation. If you need a paved driveway or patio, they can also expertly pour concrete, guaranteeing your satisfaction with an efficiently done, high-quality job. To request a quote, visit their website or call (336) 799-1106 for more information.

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