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Get a New Toy for Christmas?? 4 Reasons ATV Riders Need Insurance December 27, 2019

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Get a New Toy for Christmas?? 4 Reasons ATV Riders Need Insurance, Robertsdale, Alabama

You might think of your ATV as a fun toy, but it’s also a valuable asset that can easily be destroyed, damaged, or stolen. ATV insurance protects you from these losses, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and medical bills if you get into an accident. If you have an ATV, below are a few reasons you should ensure it’s covered before hitting the trails.

4 Reasons to Get ATV Insurance

1. State Requirements

While Alabama and many other states don’t require registration or insurance coverage, many jurisdictions do. If you’re caught riding without insurance, you might be required to pay fines and higher insurance premiums, so check your state laws when buying your first ATV.

2. Lender Requirements

atv-insurance-lower-alabamaEven if your state doesn’t require coverage, lenders usually require borrowers to carry ATV insurance to protect the value of their investment. If you financed your ATV purchase, your lender will likely specify a minimum amount of coverage you’ll need to stay compliant with the terms of the loan.

3. Protection Against Lawsuits

ATVs are fun, but they can also be dangerous. If you cause an accident in which someone else is injured, your ATV insurance will cover the cost, shielding you from potentially devastating lawsuits and protecting all of your other assets.

4. Coverage for Your Injuries

Most ATV accidents only cause minor cuts and bruises, but they can result in serious injuries even at low speeds. If your vehicle rolls over on your or you hit a branch, your insurance policy will cover your medical expenses as well as those of your passengers.


Whether you’ve been riding ATVs for years or just bought your first quad, the Russell Insurance Agency will ensure you get the coverage you need. Their agents proudly serve families throughout Lower Alabama, delivering a level of customer care that sets them apart from the rest. Visit their website or call (251) 947-3607 to request your free ATV insurance quote, and follow their Twitter for more helpful tips and advice.

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